Soil Survey History HISTORY OF CALIFORNIA SOIL MAPPING The denizens of soil scientists mapping the astonishingly productive and widely varied soils of California have included several famous and a few brilliant amongst hundreds of hardworking men and women. Up and down the mountains and valleys of California they have traversed to uncover, and then record for others, the secrets of the soil.

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get link Table of California’s Soil Mapping Efforts

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get link 1800’S watch Hilgard at UC Berkeley. Formation of the Bureau of Soils. abilify ratings Link to 1800s
follow url 1900’s enter Hilgard debates Bureau Chief Whitney about Soil Properties. Macy Lapham Records early California Soil Mapping Activity. ma creative writing manchester Link to 1900s
here 1910’s get link Charlie Shaw coordinates Cooperative Agreement between Division of Soils and University of California. Reconnaissance Surveys Completed. get link Link to 1910s 1920’s Soil Classification for California developed by Charlie Shaw. Detailed soil mapping in many counties. Link to 1920s
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