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June 25-28, 2015. PSSAC Annual Meeting and Field Tour in partnership with the CFSC. Soil, Geomorphology and Ecology in the Rim Fire area. Discussed fire ecology, and the influence of volcanic-granitic and granitic-metamorphic geologic contact on soil development. 

QL-pay-my-annual-membershipMarch 11-13, 2015. SSSA Division S-12 Consulting Soil Scientists Soils Field Tour, Napa and Sonoma Valleys

2015. International Year of Soils

QL-download-membership-applJune 22-22, 2014. Summer PSSAC Meeting and Joint Field Tour was held with the California Forest Soils Council (CFSC), and held in the Greenville area of Northeastern California. Featured the soils of the Feather River ultramafic body, and honored the work of long-time member Earl Alexander.

QL-find-a-soil-consultantMay 2014. DIG IT! The Secret of Soil exhibit was at The California Museum. Exhibit closed March 29, 2015.