Consultants Directory Listing: Bryan Rahn

Bryan L. Rahn Coastal Viticultural Consultants
1575 Deer Park Rd.
Angwin, CA  94508
Phone (707) 965-3700
Toll Free: (888) 965-3755
Fax: (707) 965-3737
E-mail:  [email protected] Website: Coastal Viticultural Consultants

Certifications:  Certified Professional Soil Scientists (ARCPACS), Certified Professional Agronomist (ARCPACS), Certified Crop Adviser (ARCPACS)

Specialities:  Reclamation, Fertility, Conservation, Plant Nutrition, Environmental Assessment, Erosion Control, Water Management

The strength of Coastal Viticultural Consultants (CVC) is quality of work and an experienced staff. CVC provides viticulture consulting to premium vineyards and wineries that focuses on Soils, Plant Nutrition and Irrigation Management. CVC staff consists of ARCPACS Certified Professional Agronomists and Soil Scientists with extensive consulting experience. All of CVC’s management and field technical personnel have degrees in viticulture, agriculture and/or soils from major universities. CVC develops viticulture programs designed to maximize quality in both the vineyard and winery. Our ULTRA-PREMIUM PROGRAM has a proven track record of success. The following services are available from CVC:

  • Grape quality enhancement programs
  • Complete vineyard evaluations and problem diagnosis.
  • Irrigation management using a pressure chamber, soil moisture measurements, stress index mapping and over 20 years of successful irrigation consulting experience.
  • Vineyard nutrition and soil enrichment programs.
  • TerroirView® soil evaluations, land feasibility studies, matching soils and rootstocks.
  • Complete GIS services, GPS mapping and remote sensing imagery. Our reports integrate into GIS formats.
  • Project management and design
  • Vineyard permitting management including Timber Harvest Plans, Vineyard Conversions, CEQA, Erosion Control Plans, and County Permits.
  • Agricultural expert witness studies and testimony.

Our clientele consists of wineries, growers, investors, engineers, financial lenders, and real estate professionals.