A small group of California Soil Scientists gathered together in 1973 with the intent of promoting the profession of soil science. They began the Professional Soil Scientists Association of California (PSSAC), and since then the Association has grown to where it currently represents over 100 soil scientists from California and several neighboring states.

Our Mission

The purpose of PSSAC is:

  • To promote proper use, management, and conservation of the soil resource;
  • To establish standards and qualification for professional soil scientists engaged in the study of the nature, distribution, and behavior of soils;
  • To identify and recognize qualified soil scientists;
  • To provide the public with the means of recognizing qualified soil scientists in the interest of public health and welfare, and;
  • To advance the competency and ethical conduct of professional soil scientists.

Members: Link to our Constitution and Bylaws, or link to our current budget report.

How to Reach Us

By Mail:  PSSAC
                 P.O. Box 1464
                 Atascadero, CA 93423

Or Email:  [email protected]

PSSAC Officers

Please feel free to contact PSSAC Officers or appropriate committee members through the address, phone or e-mail information listed above.

Executive CouncilDavid Kelley, President; David Smith, Past President; Meagan Hynes, President-elect;  Bryan Rahn, Secretary-Treasurer.

Board of Directors: Members of the Executive Council, and: Joel Butterworth, Northern Area Director; Kerry Arroues, Central Area Director, and Roy Shlemon, Southern Area Director.

Associate Area Directors: Valerie Bullard (Northern); Chris D’Aiuto (Central); Parva Zareitalabad (Southern).

Membership Committee:  Vacant (chair).

Public Relations Committee:  Kerry  Arroues (chair), Terry Cook.

Scholarship Committee:  Sid Davis (chair).

Consultant’s Committee:  Sid Davis (chair), David Kelley, John Rogers, Terry Cook.

State Soil Committee:  Sid Davis, John Rogers, John Munn.

Registration Conflicts Committee (ad hoc):  David Smith, David Kelley.

Registry Committee (ad hoc): Roger Poff (chair), Roy Shlemon, Nat Dellavalle, David Kelley, John Munn, Rich Howard.

Newsletter Editor:  Vacant

Executive Secretary:  Claire Ashby Rees