Membership Categories

PSSAC’s membership categories include:

Professional Members are individuals who support the goals of the association. They submit an application for membership, are approved by the PSSAC Executive Council, and maintain their annual dues. Professional Members may vote in Association elections, serve on the Board of Directors, and on committees.

Professional Members are either ARCPACS Certified as CPSS or CPSC; OR meet the educational and experience requirements for ARCPACS certification (see; OR meet the educational requirements for soil scientist as outlined by the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for GS-470 (i.e. Professional members must have (1) a degree in soil science or related field that includes 30 semester hours or equivalent in biological, physical, or earth science, with a minimum of 15 semester hours in soil science, and (2) five years’ experience as a professional soil scientist or positions providing equivalent experience. A master’s degree in soil science or a closely related field of study counts toward one year of professional experience. A doctorate degree in soil science or a closely related field counts toward two years experience. Experience credits for any combination of mater’s and doctorate degrees may not exceed three years. Annual dues are $55.00.

Candidate Members are individuals who meet the educational requirements for Professional membership but who have not yet met the experience requirements. Candidate Members may not hold office, but may serve on committees. As evidence of qualification, prospective Candidate Members shall provide the same detailed information as Professional Member applicants. Annual Dues are $20.00.

Associate Members are individuals who support the goals of the Association, and are non-voting members, and cannot hold office or serve on committees. Annual dues are $20.00.

Student Members are students majoring in a natural resources major; student members can receive reduced dues rates. Student members are non-voting members and cannot hold office or serve on committees. Annual dues are $10.00.

Honorary Members are selected by the board in in recognition of service or contributions to the profession. Honorary Members are non-voting members, and cannot hold office or serve on committees. Annual dues are waived.

Why Should I Join

There are a number of great reasons to join PSSAC. They include…

  • Join PSSAC to learn more about the world in which you live.
  • PSSAC is a valuable vehicle to gain first hand knowledge of areas that otherwise you would not be able to visit. PSSAC is also a valuable vehicle to gain insight into many soils related topics.
  • PSSAC’s Annual Meetings allow members to learn from other soils professionals as well as professionals in related fields.
  • Join PSSAC to support the profession that has given us our livelihood and provides a valuable resource to the community.
  • Join PSSAC to give back to Soil Science.
  • Membership in PSSAC provides networking opportunities with others in the soils profession. PSSAC is comprised of university professors, private consultants, government employed soil scientists and other professionals that provide valuable contacts and information.

How to Join

New member applicants must complete the PDF application: (link to brochure application), and mail, along with your dues to:

P.O. Box 5972
Vacaville, CA 95696-5972

Note: New Member Applicants may pay their dues by check or using the PayPal link below. If you are mailing a new member application and opt to pay your dues payment using the PayPal option below, please send an email to the Executive Secretary advising that a membership application has been mailed that will accompany the PayPal payment.

Our Current Members

You may Renew your Annual Membership Dues by using PayPal. By Clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, you confirm that you are renewing your annual membership, and that your contact, employment, and professional information has not changed.

Professional Membership Renewal ($55.00/Year)

Candidate Membership
Renewal ($20.00/Year)

Associate Membership
Renewal ($20.00/Year)

Student Membership
Renewal ($10.00/Year)

Consultant’s Directory
Listing ($100.00/Year). The Board of Directors is accepting new Consultant’s Directory listings from Professional Members whose dues are current. Contact us at for more information. Those currently listed in the PSSAC Consultant’s Directory may renew their annual listing fee using PayPal. Please advise the Executive Secretary of any updates to the details in your listing.

Scholarship Contribution. At each annual meeting, we offer scholarships to offset the meeting fees for several students who apply. Scholarship Contributions may be made on-line in the following amounts:





Other scholarship contribution amounts (larger or smaller) are always welcomed. Please make your check payable to PSSAC, write “Scholarship Fund” on the notation line, and mail to:

P.O. Box 5972
Vacaville, CA 95696

Thank you.

Citation of Affiliation. Members whose dues are in good standing may describe their current affiliation with PSSAC (registration numbers, active or provisional status, and membership roles) on resumes, biographical statements, or other media.